Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Introductions and a few pictures

Hi there,

My Name is Stephen Thomson and I've been gaming for 22 years(since I was 12). I started gaming with Battletech.  before I even played my first game I built my own terrain table.  I used the "table top" conversion rules.  I never liked hex maps.

for teh last decade I've mostly played Historical games, and you can see that on my other blog, Adventures in Miniature Gaming , which is listed as a "page" of this blog(and vice versa).  Recently my interest in Sci-fi and fantasy gaming and re surged a bit. and now I'm balancing both instead of going whole-hog into one genre.

Over the years I've played many Scifi and Fantasy games, including:
Warzone(all versions but Prodos one)
Warhammer 40K
Epic Space Marine/40K/Armageddon
Starship Troopers
Full Thurst
Babylon 5 a Call to Arms
A Sky full of Ships(which my gaming group playtested and Published)
Dystopian Wars
GW Man O'War
Crucible: Conquest of the Final Realm
GW Lord of the Rings SBG,
GW War of the Ring

Here are a few bits and pieces of stuff I've done in the past:

A lot of my older pictures are garbage, so I'll be retaking photos of stuff  over the next little while.


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