Friday, June 5, 2015

Yme-Loc Eldar

I haven't play 40K in over 5 years, and I've never played it seriously.  But that never stopped me from building armies.

My Eldar army started when i found a big old blister box(the kind that held 10 blisters) of rogue trader Eldar aspect warriors at a  Five Arrows Fine Figures & Art , During a trip to  Hotlead 6 years ago. The Owner, Donald Cameron, was handling an estate sale for an old friend.  he gave me a good price and  that was that.  that Same Day I  found a bag of Guardians in the Bring and Buy, and that was that. 
Yme-Loc Farseer and council.

I set about creating my Eldar army. I picked up a Wraithlord, Farseer, and a box of Dire Avengers(back when Dire avengers came 10 to a box) to compliment what I already had.   a year later i found an OOP Cloudstrike Squadron box(3 falcons). Almost everything else in the army was  bought 2nd hand or at a significant discount. the 3 forge world tanks were payment for painting a Friends Forgeworld items.

Extra Dire Avenger Exarch and Autarch
The Army i decided to do was Yme-loc. they are one of the non-mainstream craft worlds mentioned in the codex at the time. they were red and grey, although i decided that the weird green-blue grey i had kicking around form a previous project would suffice.  the Brief bit of fluff on the craft world suggested that their armies were backed up with signifcant armoured and titan support. and this the strange eldar tank army was born(before 6th edition when serpent spam became common.

Custom Jetbike Farseer(or autarch) to lead my never-realised Windrider host.
 I had always intended to build a windrider host.  I always like jetbikes.  I may build it using the new jetbikes GW jsut released.

my Old school Fire Dragons.  some new ones mixed in on the right with Old rogue trader ones.
Old-school Howling Banshees
Old school Striking Scorpions
  so as you can see my Eldar do not follow the typical paint  Scheme.  the head and shoulders are usually the colour that is associated with that particular troop type.  so so the howling banshees are washed deneb stone head and shoulders with bluegrey bodies.  Dire avengers are blue head and shoulders with Bluegrey bodies. etc.  the exception is the Striking scorpions.  I decided to invert them, as I like the green. The result is a more uniform look then your typical aspect-focused eldar army.
Wraithlord and Wraithguard.

Dire Avengers. 

Serpent spam.
  I have 2 more Wave serpents waiting in the wings to be painted.  Unfortunately they won't get done any time soon as i am moving cross country from Ontario to  Edmonton, Alberta later this summer.

Modified Vypers

Forgeworld Warphunter(back) and Horners(front)

 Yes, I have a lot of tanks. including the Vypers and the 2 unpainted Wave serpents, i have 13 vehicles.
my Cloudstrike Squadron

As mentioned I'd like to add some jetbikes and a wraith knight to the army. they are expensive, but this army is more of a modelling project now then anything else. and that Wraith knight is definitely deserving of some serious customization.

 I actually have begun writing my own set of rules for sci fi.  I've been waiting far too long for someone to write a set of customizable sci fi set of rules i like.  I waited like 6 or 7 years for one company to released but it never seemed to get published.

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