Friday, July 3, 2015

Epic Goodness

lately i have been thinking a bit about epic Armageddon.  there have been a few posts on hte edmonton wargamers group facebook page about it.  Since my interested in 6mm sci fi has been piqued by Robotech tactics, I decided to pull them out.

Epic Armageddon Squat/Demiurg Army
all hte unpainted stuff i can find.
 the biggest contingent of my epic collection at the moment is my epic Armageddon squats.  i build them for the Demiurg Consortium list available from the Net EA compendium.  i have alot fo squat still unpainted.  I have 1 land train, 1 more leviathan, 2 Colossus and 3 more overlord airships waiting to be painted. plus I have 75 bikes and 25 each of the 2 types of trikes.  i have 6 thud guns, 12 more Mole mortars, 6 more rapier laser destroyers, and a huge amount of infantry left.

The Void Raptors, a chapter of my own making.
The space marines are the 2nd largest contingent I have at the moment.  They are grey with blue highlights. this is a chapter that i developed with my  recently sold-off s40k space marine army. i have almost enough infantry miniatures and rhinos to do the entire chapter. i just need more tanks.

Yme Loc Eldar
The Eldar are the smallest painted group in my collection.  this paint scheme is the same as my 40K eldar.  I have a similar amount of unpainted Eldar as i do space marines.  and i have bunch of the Forgeworld epic eldar wave serpents also waiting in the webway to be painted.  I have several Phantom titans and a warlock or 2.  I also have about 20 of the old Epic Eldar Knights. 

I do have a few misc Imperal miniatures.  20 or 30 Imperial guard with jetpacks, some leman russ, basilis, seige mortars and hydras.i may ahve a few metal knights as well.

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