Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Welcome to Edmonton and My First Game of Robotech.

I'm back!   Gotten things mostly straightened out in the new house.

the gaming community here is smaller then I'm used to, but they play more consistently which is nice. The members of the Edmonton Wargamers Group(EWG) are all bunch of good guys.

I've now attended 3 of their bi-monthly meetings. during the first game, I played saga.  during put on a small game of Man O'War.  naturally i forgot to take pictures.  My photgraphy-mind gets easily distracted by pretty models and gameplay it seems.

last night I attended my 3rd  gaming night with the EWG.  I brought along my Robotech RPG tactics collection.  i only had enough painted to play the smallest introductory scenario, a meeting engagement between 2 UEDF Valkyries and 6 Zentaedi battlepods.  I also forgot to take pictures here(despite my camera being less then  2 feet away during the game).  fortunately Chen-song,  the UEDF player, snapped a few pics with his phone.

The Feared Zentreadi Regult Battlepod

Battlepod from a different angle

UEDF Valkyries shown with all 3 modes, in Israeli Jet camo

Close up of Valkyrie models.

The Battle rages on. One Regult down!
Regults close in for the Kill
neither Chen nor I had ever played the game.  I've only red it a few times.   fortunately the game is fairly simple, so it didn't take long to pick up on the mechanics with so few models on the table.

during the first 2 turns we closed the distance.  Chen got first blood and took out 2 regult Battlepods in 2 successive turns.  I destroyed one valkyries in hte 5th turn. he badly damaged 2 more battlepods, then retreated into the woods to make it harder for me to shoot at him.  the luck took a drastic turn for chen.  i managed to kill his last Valkyrie despite the cover of the trees.

All in all it was a fun, fast game.  It's definitely meant to be played with more models though.  Also, in hind sight, I think Valkyries need to spend at least one turn in  one of their other modes to utilize their missiles(missiles on the wing mounts can only be used in Guardian and Jet mode).  thinning out the battlepods early seems like a good idea.

thanks to Chen-song for playing and chatting after.  it was an enjoyable night.


  1. Thanks for running the game! I really liked the models even though everyone seems to complain about them having too many parts.

  2. any time Chen.

    If your a modeler they really aren't a big deal. I just wish the number of parts made them more easily customizable. but they are plastic so you can hack them up quite a bit. and the prices aren't too bad either. especially if you invest in hte main boxed game.